When God is Working On You


I’ve been struggling this summer with various trials, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Health, finances, direction…whatever you’re dealing with, I pray this revised post brings you some clarity and peace as it did for me. (If you’d like to read the original post, click here.)

When you ask God for more of Him, sometimes things can get painful as He works on you, as He renovates you.

But it’s okay. God is in the renovation business.

He is like the silversmith that heats the silver, revealing the dross, those impurities in your heart, so He can scrape them off and toss them out of your life.

But before He removes them, He lets you see them. All of your bitterness and anger surface and sit there like ugly black chunks beside the bright, hot metal.  God allows you to get a good look at it, to really see it for what it is.

You get more and more uncomfortable the longer He allows it to stay. You want it gone.  You want God to hurry up and dispose of it because it’s painful to see.

And you can’t help but notice the striking contrast:  His blinding, powerful light against the darkness of your sin.

But again, you asked God to draw you closer to Him. This isn’t a task to simply point out your flaws but to point out your need for Him.  He’s the only One who can remove such agonizing and toxic things from your life.

He’s the only One who can prepare your heart for the blessings that are coming.

So you take a deep breath, acknowledge what you see and ask for forgiveness and for help. And then you let go.  You let go of the control. You let go of the situation. You lower your head because it’s all to much for you to handle. You just can’t. You’re too overwhelmed to fix anything, and you realize you shouldn’t be trying anyway.

It is God who is in the renovation business; taking the old, worn, and broken and making it new.

So you focus on Him. You imagine His mighty hand removing all the dross, all the poison, refining you.  Perhaps you hit your knees, completely falling apart knowing He is about to rebuild.  Or maybe you stand taller, tears streaming down your cheeks as you close your eyes and lift your face heavenward, knowing He is watching you… and smiling.

His renovation has brought you not only closer to Him but to a place of peace. You can let go. You don’t have to try to figure everything out. He’s got you. And He’s got this situation.

Which means you don’t have to let the stress of everything suffocate your joy.

You are free to walk even closer to God. It’s where He’s wanted you all along.

“For you, O God, tested us; you refined us like silver.” (Psalm 66:10 NIV.)


6 thoughts on “When God is Working On You

  1. Joey, I also have to admit that my ugliness of attitude and reflection has been a wake up call to me this past year. The heart indeed can be deceitfully wicked. I have not been where I need to be and your post makes me really come to grips with how I need to surrender myself to the Lord more. Oh how ashamed I am reflecting because I allowed the cares of life to dictate my mood. I will let go of control and shame and simply ask God to help me draw closer. When we seem to think we are alone in this your post reminds me that even seasoned believers can encounter moments when we see who we are to the core. May not like it at the time but your post brings hope to my heart. Thank you so much and know God used you. Often does He use us when we feel like were in a cracked pot state. I guess it’s to prove that we don’t have to have it all together to make an impact on others. Love and blessings
    Valerie Caraotta😀❤️💐💐🌹🌹👍🙏🙏🙏

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    1. Oh Valerie, I truly appreciate your comment and I can SO relate…as you can tell by my post. I recently went through a situation where I thought I was surrendering it all to God but realized I wasn’t. And when things didn’t go “my way,” I had an AWFUL attitude. I apologized to God and asked for His forgiveness (after I got over my terrible attitude), and I know I’m set free from that guilt. And YOU don’t need to hold onto that stuff (shame) either…God wouldn’t want you to but only to draw closer to Him and allow His loving forgiveness to wash over you. Your comment made me smile so many times, and I’m so blessed to know this post brings hope to your heart and no, we certainly don’t have to have it all together to make an impact! (I don’t know if I’ve ever had it all together!!) You keep growing, dear Sister, and keep going to God. He will see you through all of your struggles. Love and blessings to you as well!!


  2. I cringe sometimes when I see the ugliness of my own flaws and sins and imperfections, but seeing them makes me realize how much I need God. Thank you for this excellent reminder. Maybe my cringing is a sign of God’s work in me!

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    1. Oh Jessica, I’m there with you…cringing at my own ugly sins. I experienced this when I originally wrote this post and again recently. I desperately need God! My attitude was just awful, but I’m so thankful our heavenly Father forgives us and takes all that “dross”…taking away our cringing too! Blessings to you always!


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