Do you feel like you’re being squeezed by all the stress in your life, like you can’t breathe? Or maybe you feel you’re about to break under the heavy load you’re carrying.  Maybe you’re not certain you’ll have a job tomorrow, or the outcome of an upcoming medical procedure or even a diagnosis is unclear.  Maybe you’re in an emotional state of agony, and you feel like you’re barely able to hold on.

But… there is God.

And God can do anything.

God can rescue you in such an amazing, creative way that you never even imagined. What you might think is a painful trial, may actually be the setup for one amazing rescue, one detailed story you’ll be able to share with the world.  How things were so increasingly impossible, hopeless, and dark, but God showed up and burst through to rescue you.

He has unlimited time, resources, and imagination. Nothing can stop Him.  Nothing can distract Him.  When He’s set on rescuing you, it will happen.  It’s all a matter of His timing.

So instead of stressing out (like I did this morning…see, this is for me too!) go to God in prayer. And then be excited to watch His rescue unfold before your very eyes.

“You stand up to judge those who do evil, O God, and to rescue the oppressed of the earth.”  (Psalm 76:9 NLT.)

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