Why Blog?

Why does this blog even exist?  I started praying months ago when I felt God leading me to start one, and since then He’s given me four reasons why I need to do this:

  1. God has an opportunity to speak to YOU, His children.
  2. Discipline:  I must sit every day/every other day to wait on God to speak and to write.  (This includes relinquishing control to Him.  If He doesn’t want me to post every other day, then that’s it.  I’m not allowed to stress about it, only wait on Him.)
  3. Accountability:  I am held accountable to God for this and people are watching.
  4. Growth:  I will grow closer to God as I depend on Him, wait on Him, read more of His word, and trust in His plan not only for this blog but for my life.

I’m praying God’s will be done, and that He will receive all the glory.  I’m also praying that He will richly bless YOU through this blog.