Why Blog?


Why does this blog even exist?  I started praying during the summer of 2016 when I felt God leading me to start a blog, and since then He’s given me five reasons why I need to do it:

  1. Platform: God can use this as a platform, an opportunity to speak to us. (How amazing is that?!)
  2. Discipline:  I must pray, SIT DOWN at my computer, and blog once a week. (Sometimes more if I can’t contain myself!)
  3. Accountability:  I am held accountable to God for this blog and to those reading.
  4. Growth:  I will grow closer to God as I depend on Him, wait on Him, read more of His Word, and trust in His plan not only for this blog but for my life.
  5. Fun: I LOVE hanging out with God and learning from Him, writing about how awesome He is, and taking photographs of all sorts of stuff, so I’m actually going to enjoy myself on this journey of training for eternity. Thank you, Lord.