When a Warning Slaps You


I slapped myself in the face yesterday.  And pretty hard too.  I had been rushing around, gathering shopping lists, coupons, and a few snacks and drinks for the long day ahead of me when I felt a little tickle on my face.  At first I thought it was just my hair brushing across my cheek until I remembered my hair is really short now, AND this tickle was moving and crawling up my face.  I went into panic mode, slapped myself in the face, and jumped from the car; thankfully I was still sitting in the garage!  I ripped off my jacket and shook it out, brushed madly at the rest of my body, and began to search for the creepy spider with long legs I just knew was on my face.  But I never found it.

What I did find, however, was a memory buried in the back of my brain that reminded me of another time when I was frantic, trying to get to the store with our daughter (who was only about two at the time) to pick out a Father’s Day gift for my husband before I had to leave for work. I made sure she was buckled in, got myself situated, and backed right into the garage door.  I forgot to put it up.  I remember looking back at our little girl, so thankful the door was the only thing that got hurt.

Sometimes God will do things, outrageous things, to slow me down just to protect me. Traffic jams, the car won’t start right away, or someone else is running late that I’m waiting on.  The phone rings right before I head out, or I can’t find my keys.  Or God allows me to back into the garage door or slap myself in the face to wake me up right then and there to reveal the panic mode I’m in and to snap me out of it.

So I have to wonder, what did God save me from yesterday? I may never know.

Hmm. Maybe He didn’t do it to protect me but to protect you.  Maybe that’s why He wanted me to share this with you, to help you slow down.  Maybe this post is your “slap.”

Please don’t rush past His warning.

“Hear, O my people, and I will warn you.” (Psalm 81:8a NIV.)