God’s Reflection

God's reflection

I was sitting in the doctor’s office surrounded by all different types of people:  an elderly woman with a cane shouting to the friend at her side, a toddler with his arms reaching high as his mother walked him out the door, a couple with dark skin laughing and drinking coffee, and another couple with lighter skin talking about a cat.

The news report of another violent protest blared from the television set mounted on the wall.  Differences causing so much hate.  The sound filling the room has sadly become so common.

I started to think about the people around me:  the woman across from me filling out papers with a dark braid and long skirt, the young man on his phone beside me.  Were they getting numb to it all?

There would probably be a thousand different opinions in that one office about any number of topics.

But what if we look at the faces instead of the opinions?

I know.  It’s hard when the opinions are so loud, distorting faces into rage.

But what if we look, really look, at those faces and ask God to help.  We may notice something a little different:  those individuals, regardless of opinions, were created in the image of God.

The news in the doctor’s office shifted to victims of massive flooding.  Images of total devastation flashed from the screen; cars submerged and homes flooded beyond repair.  An exhausted elderly woman still clinging to her cane was carried out of waist-deep water while a toddler in a yellow raincoat wore an expression of fear with eyes opened too wide for tears to come.

Do you see their faces?  They too were created in the image of God.

We have a choice, my friends:  We can join in, take our swings, and start throwing punches physically, verbally, or even on social media when violent protests ensue and in the meantime simply ignore those suffering in the world.

Or we can focus on God and pray for those consumed with hate, intercede on their behalf, and love them as we’re supposed to do as we catch a glimpse of God within them. And we can pray for and reach out to those in need, those suffering great loss, those who need to see the face of their Creator staring back at them through a compassionate hug, a warm place to sleep, and food and clean water to know hope is not lost.

Will you choose to see God’s reflection in all of His children?  If you do, you will see we are really not that different after all.

The choice is yours.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”  (Genesis 1:27 NIV.)