A Pebble in the Trench

Revisiting this and believing God has a purpose for me to share it today. Blessings to you, dear friends!

Training for Eternity


When I was a little girl, I loved playing in mud puddles after a hard rain.  There was nothing like the squishy, oozing feeling between my fingers and against the palm of my hand, the way the cold mud would encase my hand like a glove when I pressed it down as far as it would go, and the sucking sound when I pulled it free.  And I loved making a little trench between two mud puddles, watching the water flow and then adding pebbles to steer it where I wanted it to go.

God steers us in a similar way.  He’s not a puppet master, forcing us to do this and that, nor is He waiting with a lightning bolt to zap us when we make a mistake; thank goodness for that or I’d be so electrified I could light up the night sky for miles around.  But God…

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2 thoughts on “A Pebble in the Trench

  1. Growing up in a “conditional” environment it took me a while to understand God is not harsh, forcing us and ready to lash out. So liberating when we understand His unconditional love. Keep writing dear lady…always insight to glean from.😀❤️🌹🙏🙏✍️✍️✍️

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    1. Oh yes, it is SO freeing to know His love is unconditional and eternal! What an amazing Father we have! Thank you, Valerie…you keep writing too, dear Sister in Christ! 🙂


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