Forgotten and Ignored


Have you ever felt forgotten or ignored? Maybe you’ve been passed over or pushed off to the back burner like you’re an old pan and your contents, well, they’re not that important so it won’t matter if they grow cold.

Other things come first. That is, until you’re needed. Then you’re called upon and pulled to the front of the stove with a strong tug. You’re given attention and great care. All of a sudden you matter. All of a sudden you’re not invisible anymore.

But you hold your breath because you know it’s going to happen again. It’s a cycle you’ve come to expect.

You’re called upon when you’re needed but not when you’re in need.

When you’re in need, you suffer quietly. Alone. You pray someone will reach out, that someone will answer your call. You hope someone will send you a word of encouragement because you’re fresh out and you’re struggling just to get through the day. So you push through and keep going.

Your schedule keeps you busy, sometimes too busy. No one knows all you try to accomplish in a single day, all the demands you try to meet, and all those you try to help because God has tucked their pictures gently into the folds of your heart. And you want to help, you want to be there. You really do.

But today, you’re empty. You’re like a lone bench abandoned in the snow. Waiting and hoping for God to rescue you because you know He will. He always does. Thank you, Lord.

But why is this awful feeling of dejection lingering so long this time? Where is God and why is He taking so long? While you’re waiting, you ask Him to teach you through it; to bring something good from all of this.

He reminds you of your daily prayer: More of You, Lord. I want more of You.

You find yourself getting mad. What sort of answer is buried in all this pain?

You begin to realize having more of God means being more like Jesus and walking in His footsteps, including some of those that bring pain.

Jesus felt every bit of what you’re feeling right now and so much more.

He was abandoned by those closest to Him, ignored, pushed aside, and forgotten. (Isn’t this happening a lot today?) But when there was a need, people flocked to Him.

Experiencing loneliness and abandonment softens your heart. Not right away, of course. At first you strike out in anger (or pull back in tears) and you try to stop giving and you try to stop caring. You try to harden your heart. But God won’t hear of it.


He wants your heart to be malleable to His touch (and His alone) so He can use you and your pain to reach out in a very real way. You see, when your heart has been beaten, it becomes so tender that you not only sympathize with those who feel invisible and those who are ignored, but you empathize. You feel their pain and you understand their suffering because you’ve been there.

And when you reach out to them, they see it. They know you’ve been there. And they see God in you. (So in a sense, your suffering draws them closer to God.)

And YOU get to see your Savior more clearly, understanding a little more of what He went through to come and love you right where you are today.

“He was looked down on and passed over, a man who suffered, who knew pain firsthand.” (Isaiah 53:3 MSG.)

“For what credit is it if, when you sin and are beaten for it, you endure? But if when you do good and suffer for it you endure, this is a gracious thing in the sight of God. For to this you have been called, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.” (1 Peter 2:20-21 ESV.)

10 thoughts on “Forgotten and Ignored

  1. Reading your blog carves out a space in the chaos of life where I experience rest and peace, even for just a few minutes. I imagine people come to you when they are in need and I hope, if the difficulties you describe are current, that they are short lived and much bear fruit

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    1. You have no idea what your comment means to me…seriously, thank you. Knowing you experience even just a little peace by reading my blogs encourages me to keep going. And how funny that even though I try to write in second person (“you”) to keep my pain from being so obviously my own, you still noticed. Yes, these difficulties are current, and I’m struggling like never before. But I know God is going to use all of this for His glory and purpose. Thank you, from the depths of my weeping spirit, for your kindness and encouragement today. May God bless you abundantly, my dear Sister in Christ, and draw you close to Him.

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      1. I replied yesterday but my message got lost in the internet ether! It amazes me that we can support one another at such a distance. When my husband and I were struggling with our faith recently, you were one of the only people who was able to offer any meaningful support with your comments on The Hallway and The Doorway. Your faith built us up all the way here in the deserts of the Middle East! Interestingly, the people who snaffled the house we wanted away from us pulled out 2 weeks ago and we were offered the house again. And we didn’t want it! We realized we needed a different nest for our family. God’s lens is much wider and greater than ours. Whatever you are experiencing will be resolved to glorify God and deepen your faith. Remember we re training for eternity, sister! When we are weak, then we are strong. You were in my prayers yesterday and you will be today and beyond 💕

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        1. My goodness, what a blessing you are to me! Thank you for your encouragement and for persisting through the difficulties of the internet stealing your post…that’s so aggravating I know! And thank you for sharing what’s happened with the house you and your husband were interested in. (I remember our conversation from that post and was wondering how you both were doing.) I’m SO glad God worked it out and saved you from getting it, so you can get the very best nest for your family. 🙂 Isn’t that amazing how He’s working that all out?! Hang on to that memory and keep it close should you ever experience a “no” when you thought God was bringing a “yes.” (I’m telling myself this too!) I’m so thankful He has the wide lens and directs our paths!

          As for me, this difficult season I’ve been going through for the past few weeks has really been a tool in God’s hands to carve and mold me. Just this morning He revealed to me that the enemy is indeed trying to steal my joy (big shocker there!), but God is so very close to me and there is something amazing coming from this time. So, your comment I believe is spot on! I do believe God is going to receive glory from what I’ve been experiencing (hope to share that soon) and it has truly deepened my faith. We are indeed training for eternity!! And I’m going to keep boasting about all of my weaknesses (there are SOOO many!), so Christ’s, (my Lord and Savior, the Lion of Judah) power and strength may roar from within and cause the enemy to not only flee but tremble! To God be all the glory!!

          Thank you for your prayers! I can certainly feel them and deeply appreciate every one of them. I will continue to pray for you and your family way over there in the Middle East, that God will protect you and guide you and give you a big old hug from your Sister in Christ way over here in little town Ohio. Oh, and just for the record…I almost lost this post to you! Thankfully, I found it and could repost!

          May God continue to bless and provide for you and your family…always!


  2. Awww my dear sister in Christ – absorbing your profound words, hearing your encouraging message(s) and feeling deeply your weeping spirit – so grateful for your spirit-lifting blog – following in His footsteps, His heartsteps, His rhythmic pulsebeats – oh to be filled with the pulse of His spirit – much love from my tender heart to yours xoxo

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    1. Oh Debra, thank you. What a sweet, sweet comment. Bless that beautiful and tender heart of yours. Love and blessings to you always, my dear Sister in Christ.


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