A Prison Cell

Training for Eternity

prison cell

When something takes place in your life that really hurts you in the core of your heart, it can be devastating. You feel trapped in the moment, stuck in the pain.  You try to move past it.  You try to let go of it again and again and wonder why it still lingers, like a penetrating ache in your chest.

You realize the pain has walled you in, becoming a prison cell. At first you find comfort here:  the walls protect you from being hurt again.  They keep people away.  But soon you learn you’re only free to walk around in the confined space, reliving the conversations, the crushing moments, and the devastating blows to your spirit.  You relive each failure in your mind, the guilt and shame wrapping itself around you like the cold, musty air in your cell. And you can’t see anything new, nothing to hope for because the…

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6 thoughts on “A Prison Cell

  1. You might be saying it’s okay to withdraw for a time–to put yourself in a safe place. Just don’t stay there forever. That makes sense. We must be vulnerable for God to use us. But we also need to be healed from our safe place. When the church is the safe place, people can be free, vulnerable, and healed.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Nancy! I agree…we should NOT withdraw and seclude ourselves for a long period of time. Although being still with God and God alone is a wonderful opportunity to draw closer to Him. I’ve come to realize in my own walk that God is ultimately my safe place and yes, it’s a blessing that He’s led me to my wonderful, loving church family. But ultimately, I’ve learned to look to God for healing. I agree completely that we need to be vulnerable for God to use us. We have to deny ourselves and admit our weaknesses (for me there are SO many!). I think about Gideon a lot, and how God took the number of Israelites down to 300 so they couldn’t boast about their own strength when God brought the victory; it was clear the victory came from God and God alone. Praise God for how He works in our lives!! Thanks again for reading and for commenting!


  2. I think we can be our own worst enemies when we’re experiencing pain. It’s so true that it can be unbelievably difficult to know this pain won’t last forever, that God has a better plan. I’ve experienced the freedom of handing God the key enough times to know I must start there when I’m in the midst of pain!

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