An Open-Faced Sandwich

Open-faced sandwich

Are you waving goodbye to summer with a smile on your face or are you starting to whimper as it fades like a lonely sunset?

Me?  I’m still trying to take it all in. This summer was like a sandwich with thick bread and yummy apple jelly slathered on top.

I know.  Goofy, right?

Let me explain.

Our daughter was away for most of the summer visiting Grandma and Grandpa some six-hundred miles away.  Knowing she was safe and loved like crazy gave my husband and I time to tear into projects around the house.  And while he was at work, I was with God.

Big slice of bread.

God sat with me in the quiet of our house in the early morning hours, teaching me more about who He is and who I am to be.  He brought breezes while I hoisted bags of mulch and rain when I was too tired to keep sanding the deck with the belt sander I was sure could rip off my arm in a nanosecond.  (God was smiling when I ran and laughed in the rain like I used to when I was little girl and reminded me I will always be His little girl and that I need to laugh more.)  He gave me energy to paint the bedroom walls, the basement windows, and the deck doors, and I gave Him a few good laughs when I did my crazy dance when no one else was around.

Crazy dance?  You know…you hold your nose and pretend like you’re going down into the water with one arm raised high while your body gives a little wiggle.  Remember, God told me I needed to laugh more.

Then it was time to follow our daughter those six-hundred miles away to my Mom’s.

That was the apple jelly of my summer sandwich; time with family, making memories, slowing down.  It was all so very sweet.

Unfortunately, the time we had together quickly came to an end and we found ourselves back at home with more painting and mulching waiting to be done.  Combine those tasks that stared at me like a puppy waiting for a pat on the head with getting our daughter ready for school in a big hurry, and I hit the panic button in my brain.

I rushed her to various appointments I knew would be easier to take care of now instead of during the school year.  I hurried her through dressing room after dressing room for school clothes, barked that she needed to start going to bed earlier, and then followed along as she carefully chose the right school supplies (her favorite part).

After a few days to rest, she was back at school and I found myself task oriented again.  What job should I tackle next?  Which one takes top priority?

But I realized, I was staring at an open-faced sandwich.  One piece of bread only.

I forgot to ask God for another slice of bread; another moment, another lesson, another song-in-the-rain and dance-until-we-both-laugh kind of moment with Him.  I’d been nibbling on the crumbs that had fallen off since the apple jelly, but I wanted more.

Funny how being so busy and task-oriented causes such a hunger only God can fill.

I’m hungry, Lord. For more of You.

I want to wake up every morning to the scent of freshly baked bread, to cut off a great big slice, and sit down and enjoy every fragment of it as it fills me like nothing else can.

Yes.  I want God’s presence, His love and His lessons, to encompass all things in my life.  I want Him to be the beginning and the end of each season of my life.

And I wouldn’t mind a little crazy dance every now and then.

“Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:35 NIV.)


6 thoughts on “An Open-Faced Sandwich

  1. Such an inspiring and uplifting article. Made me giggle, smile, cry, want to keep reading, dance, sing and talk to God. Made me want to fill my life and heart with every little crumb of knowing God and every special sweet taste of goodness that comes from knowing, loving, and serving him. Made me yearn to know everything and fill my being until my cup is running over!Thank you for sharing this .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my, Carlene! Thank YOU for such a touching and beautiful comment! Praise God for how He moves in our lives and draws us closer! May God bless you and overflow your cup abundantly!!


    1. That’s exactly right (never have too much bread)! And you’re right…you have seen my crazy dance…probably more than once! Love you too. 😉


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