It can be pretty tough when circumstances in life suck the energy out of you like a leech the size of a small pony while leaving your brain in a fog.

Maybe you deal with food allergies and certain foods the rest of the world seems to devour without so much as a yawn set you into a tailspin of brain fog that only gets deeper as your mind plummets out of control, landing you on the couch for one sickening nap.

Maybe it’s work related; you work awful hours.  Or maybe it’s an unrelenting illness you battle daily or because of the medication.  Or maybe, just maybe, you’re left alone to tackle your corner of the world and you run on fragments of sleep and doses of caffeine so massive even a polar bear would get the jitters.

Whatever the cause, brain fog can be like pulling a tight, wool hat down over your face and walking around in a state of half-air, half-light.  Really, half YOU.  You can’t focus, can’t see straight, can’t remember what you just did or what you need to get done, and you feel drained on the inside of your brain somewhere.  Oh, and don’t forget to strap a miniature, yet just as hefty, sumo wrestler to each of your legs so you can get the full physical effect of your exhaustion every time you take a step.

It seems I lugged my sumo wrestlers around nearly all last week.  I know they like to jump on my feet and plop right down for a ride when I don’t eat right.  But I found out they also insist on tagging along when I switch to eating healthy foods too.  I started on a journey awhile back to take better care of my body (see the post, A New Journey) and getting my body acclimated to healthy foods was like sending my brain off on a cruise to the land of la-la where the fog hovered for days and the sumo wrestlers invited their friends to join in for a piggy back ride.

But here’s a thought:  God made our brains so of course He understands brain fog.  He understands exhaustion.  He really does.  And He makes a way through the fog and the weariness to get to us.  And He also knows how to peel off those sumo boys sitting on our feet.  It’s called:  R-E-S-T.

Wait a minute, did I just write that?  Are we actually supposed to rest when we don’t feel mentally “all there” or physically drained?

You bet we are.  I’m not saying you pull the school bus over and tell the kids to walk the rest of the way to school because you need a five minute power nap.  What I am saying is go easy on yourself and find time, no MAKE time, to rest.  Ask for help.  Tell so-and-so “NO” that you can’t do this-or-that today.  And don’t you dare feel guilty, my friend.

We all need moments of rest.

Even Jesus rested.  Do you remember He was sleeping in the boat during the storm before He was awakened to calm it?  (Matthew 8:23.)

But perhaps you have a house full of tornadic toddlers and a stack of laundry up to the ceiling fan and the idea of rest is as foreign to you as a moon rock, and actually, when you think about it, you’d like to tell me a thing or two just for bringing it up.  Wait!  I’m on your side.  And more importantly, God is on your side.  So talk to Him.  Pray.  (And I’ll be praying for you too.  See, I told you I’m on your side.)

That’s right.  Pray and ask God for help.  Right there while you’re driving home on fumes (not talking about the gas either) or mashing the potatoes or scrubbing the dishes.  Go ahead and cry in the sink of dirty dishes and let God hear how tired you are, how you want your mind back, your energy back.  Guess what?  He already knows.  He would never burst into your life and try to take over, but He will come when you call and sometimes in surprising ways.  Maybe a neighbor will stop by with a slow-cooker full of sloppy joes and an offer to babysit for the afternoon.  Ah, glorious naptime.

And just so you know, slowing down or resting is not a waste of time; something to rush out the door like an unwanted guest who will only embarrass you if your friends stop by.

Do you think receiving a blessing from God is a waste of time?  Well, if you don’t take care of YOU, why would He give you another blessing you might choose to ignore?

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 NIV.)

8 thoughts on “Rest

  1. Going gluten free surely is a challenge; but the reality is, whatever food you’ve been eating has been poisoning your body slowly leaching away your health. It’s only when you’ve given up the grain that your body can begin to heal itself, returning you to energy and vigor you had forgotten that you had in the first place. It’s hard watching everybody else chow down into a cake or eat a pizza with gusto; but sticking to mainly fruits and veggies, simple proteins – you’ll find yourself healthier than you’ve been in the longest time and that much better off.
    By the way, is that a boxer puppy?

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    1. I agree, Jamie! I’ve been gluten free for years but recently started eating only protein, veggies, healthy fats, and occasionally fruit (the Whole30 plan), and I’m already feeling so much better! You’re right, it is SO hard watching everyone around you eating pizza etc. but it is definitely worth it when the benefits are more energy and NO stomach issues. Praise God for His wisdom and moments of rest He gives us while we learn. Thanks for reading and commenting :).

      And no, that isn’t a boxer puppy (although we did have one at one time…and we still miss him 😦 ) but he sure looks a lot like one! God bless you!


      1. I think, for this plan, it’ll pay off in dividends years down the road. I see a lot people who eat pizza and guzzle down pop like there’s no tomorrow – they’re steadily packing on the pounds in the process. Where those with the discipline to eat healthy find the energy they need to take better care of their bodies, taking even simple walks, and just making better choices. It gives them a better quality of life, I would think.

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        1. That’s so true. I do believe this will pay off down the road…even tomorrow! I’m finding before I started eating healthier foods, normal things were becoming difficult to do. I thought, “Wait a minute. This can’t be happening already! I’m only 43!” That played a big part in why I made the decision to eat healthier. I want a better quality of life than where I was headed. And the word you used, “discipline” is it! I want to be disciplined and make those better choices so I’m ready when God calls me to do something. Thank you for your comment, Jamie. I truly appreciate it. 🙂


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