Brick by Brick


We all build walls.

Someone hurts you and you quickly learn how to stop that from happening again by building a nice big wall between you and that person.

Only sometimes you go a little too far and you build it all around just in case someone else would come along to hurt you.

So you build this wall, brick by brick, to protect yourself from pain.  But when you stop stacking because you can’t reach any higher, you realize that without any windows and bricks all around, you’ve built yourself a prison cell.

And since the bricks reach so high and are so thick, no one can see you or hear when you cry for help, when the dark shadow of loneliness fills your cell.

Only God can reach you in that dark and painful place.

But maybe you’re afraid to ask because the world is too cruel and you don’t know if your heart can handle another blow.  So you stay there for a long time.

Finally, the walls close in too tightly and the darkness grows too thick, so you decide you must try again.  You whisper a plea to God, but as He lifts you up to the top of your wall and sets you there, you totter.  You look down at the safety of the prison cell, the darkness looming below, and then you look out at the contrasting sunlight and the people all around and the drop-off to get to them.

You freeze.  You’re afraid either way will bring you unbearable pain; pain that will wound you so deeply you’ll never recover.  And suddenly you don’t sense God’s hand anymore.  You wonder why, in this worst predicament, would He leave you now.  So you cry out to Him, begging Him to remember you.

You don’t hear His voice or see Him, but you notice your wall is different; a brick here and there has been removed to build a set of brick stairs leading from the top down and into the sunlight.

Who built the staircase? you wonder.  God?  Someone else?

You don’t know.  Perhaps God did it Himself or maybe He led someone else to do it.  Either way, the stairs are waiting.

Life is waiting.  And God is waiting to help you escape your prison cell and the cold that climbs the wall and reaches out to you like an icy hand, reaching from that place with all the pain from your past.

All you need to do is take God’s hand and take it brick by brick down those stairs and into the sunlight.

“For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.”  (Isaiah 41:13 NIV.)

15 thoughts on “Brick by Brick

  1. Joey,
    God has blessed u with a beautiful Talent in the way u share your stories, thank u for sharing them with us. This to me speaks that God wants us to be in His Light and that when we get hurt we want to hide and isolate ourselves because it hurts. I’m sure every Christian has been hurt in some way . The devil tells us lies ,he is the author of confusion and lies. He wants us to bild a way and stay hurt But God wants us to be free we don’t have to do it alone for He is there every second. His love for us is so great words can not express. There is always a way to escape from the devil His Name is Jesus. We don’t have to stay hurt God mends us back together , He is about Love Hope and Faith. Restoration and unity. He is the righteous judge, nothing gets by Him. We have to remember we do live in a fallen world after all we r just passing through to have relationship with Him and others to take as many souls with us to our real Home in Heaven. Love u Joey so proud to call u my sister in Christ and friend.

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    1. Amen Mary!! I agree! The light was indeed God’s light and He doesn’t want us living in isolation and darkness and pain. He has so much more for us! As you wrote, we get the honor to have a relationship with Him and others “to take as many souls with us to our real home in Heaven.” Amen! I love that!! And I love you and I’m so thankful to have you as my Sister in Christ and my friend. Sending you a big hug today. 🙂


  2. Amen, we all have built walls at some point in our lives. Then we meet the right person to help knock them down. God brought me you. Love you…

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      1. Thank you! 😊 ♥ I enjoyed your other posts as well, but this one really hit home. We had different ways of getting outside the walls, it seems. 🙂 I love that in your post, the person held hands with God while walking down the stairs. (At least, I hope that the person chose to take His hand in the end! It would be tragic if they went back inside the walls!)
        I wrote a poem last year about walls around the heart. If you’d like to read it:

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        1. I’m sorry for the delayed response…my new post will explain a little of that 😉 Yes, I’d love to read your poem. Thank you so much for sharing! And I agree, it would be tragic to go back inside the walls especially when God is there to help. God bless you!

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            1. Thank you for understanding, and I hope you know I didn’t mean you had to read that…was just an explanation for the delay 😉 Blessings to you my friend!

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              1. I know, but it was nice to know that you had posted. 🙂 (Even though I’m following you, WordPress doesn’t email me when you do, and I have trouble loading the reader, so sometimes I don’t see posts for a while.) Blessings to you too! ❤

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