The Real You


My husband and I arrived early for our appointment, so we had plenty of time to wait. As I sat on a couch near the window, I noticed a building across the street with all sorts of issues.  There were mismatched bricks in an odd shape like the brick had been painted and some sort of object was removed later, leaving a weird outline of different colored bricks.  One window was missing its black shutter while another had wrinkled plastic wrap on the inside where it looked like a window was broken.  But what I really noticed were these bright and colorful posters hanging over the outside of the first story windows advertising massages and facials.  They were clean, crisp and beautiful.

I looked at that for a long time and thought about it even longer.

Does this building sound like you?  Are you advertising cheery on the outside while you’re crumbling just below the surface?  Are you trying to patch up those broken areas of your life, hoping they’ll blend in so well you’ll forget they’re there?  Maybe there’s a part of you screaming from this place within that you’re almost too afraid to go there, and you sure don’t want anyone else to stop by for a visit.  So you shut your eyes and you keep screaming with your hands over your ears.

But here’s the truth: You’re not fooling God.  He sees you from the inside out.  He knows when your heart is breaking, when there’s no one else around and you think you’re all alone.  God sees you, those times when you collapse, on the inside.  He sees the real you, not just the one you advertise.

And He wants to peel your hands from your ears, hush your screaming, and lift your chin so you can get a good look at Him. He wants to lock eyes with you so you get it.   You don’t have to put on a good show, act like everything is okay when it’s not.  He loves you to the very core of all your messes, all the things about you that you don’t like and can’t stand, and all those things you believe are falling apart and are beyond repair.  He loves you through it all and in it all.

Yes, let God take your hands from your ears. Let Him quiet your screaming, your pain.  It’s okay to be the real you with God.  That’s the one He created.  And that’s the one He loves to hold.

“The Lord your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”  (Zephaniah 3:17 NIV.)

11 thoughts on “The Real You

    1. You’re not alone, Dawn. I think a lot of us try to hide our brokenness. But God sees it all. And not only does He see it and help us through it, He LOVES us while He’s helping, carrying us forward. He’s got you, my friend. 😉


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