Lost in the Shuffle


It’s easy to lose things. Keys get misplaced.  Coupons, paperwork, and homework can all wind up missing in a stack of the unknown.

But can we lose God?

It’s easy to lose Him too. Not in the sense that we’ve misplaced Him like He’s some inanimate object.  Not hardly.  But we can lose Him in the shuffle of life.  We get caught up in our own world, doing our own things, and we lose that closeness with Him.  We’re simply too busy to slow down and really, really focus on Him.  So we allow Him to fade into the background. We think it’s okay because He’s faithful and He’ll always be there, right?

But then we feel like He’s not. You know, that feeling that God is so far away.  Only He didn’t go anywhere.  You did.  You moved on without Him.  You forgot to ask Him to stay with you, to be extra close, to whisper throughout the day what you need to hear from Him.  When you went to bed, you forgot to remember Him.  And when you got out of bed in the morning, you forgot to thank Him.

But the moment you realize what’s going on, that very second you tell God you’re sorry, that you miss Him, He whispers back,

I miss you too.

That’s right. The relationship you have with God is not a one-sided deal.  He misses you when you don’t slow down to talk to Him, when you rush through His Word like it’s a duty instead of a privilege, when you forget to ask Him to help you through that tough situation, and when you close your eyes at night without going back through your day and seeing Him everywhere and thanking Him.  He still watches you, but from a distance because that’s how you want it to be.  You chose it by your actions or lack thereof.  He never wanted it that way.

God wants to be your number One priority, your Best Friend of all time, the One who saves you from yourself, Who protects you when others fail to see the danger signs in your life, and Who loves you when you’re not so loveable. God wants to teach you and guide you and lead you to the awesome life He designed just for you.   But He wants to be a part of it.  In fact, He wants to be the biggest part of it.  He’s a jealous God and won’t allow anyone or anything to take His place.   And He wants the best seat in your life, right there in the very center of your heart where you give Him everything you’ve got and you can’t possibly lose Him.  Not because life suddenly slowed down and everything grew quiet and perfect, but because you love Him so much and you’re so fixed on Him, you know right where He is:  Within you.

“Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law? Jesus replied:  ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment.”  (Matthew 22:36-38 NIV.)

4 thoughts on “Lost in the Shuffle

    1. That’s funny! Well it really is a picture of my desk so you’re not alone! Thank you for reading, Christena. May God help us both to grow closer to Him and never lose the closeness we can have with Him.


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